Friday, April 8, 2011

So she's playing with us... (04-08-11)

Our previous owner's response, dated March 9, was not surprising, yet it was stunning because of the bad faith it revealed.

There was nary a mention of the photos I had sent of the water pooling against the foundation when it rained, nothing about the omissions on the disclosure form, but, rather, some vague statements where our lady:

1.) claims to be defenseless: " a single woman living alone I had no particular ability or experience to know more than I disclosed." We are in fact dealing with a commercial real estate agent who must be experienced enough since her name consistently comes up on at least seven consecutive pages of Google searches.

2.) says that since we had a house inspection, all is well.
3.) has the nerve to claim that she did all required repairs to our satisfaction.
4.) congratulates us for doing the excavation: "...from the photos you included it appears you have done a great job of getting that area ready for planting and I am sure it will be lovely."

I contacted our real estate agent, to inquire if there had been any contact from the ex-owner's agent, and his inquiry generated a polite certified letter addressed to us, where the other agent tells us she appreciates our keeping her "in the loop" and asks us to keep her "informed of all future correspondence."

The same day, we got another copy of the ex-owner's letter, this time via certified mail; the only difference this time around was that she didn't use a fancy calligraphy stamp with her name and address on the envelope.

I am going to give some thoughts to my next move...

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