Monday, January 24, 2011

Final Touches: Baseboards (01-24-11)

Everything about the Shed/Studio Revamp project has been meant to be done economically. Of course, this has not worked out in many cases due to contractor-related surprises, but that was the initial plan. Since Gary lost his job recently, we really are on a shoestring. 

We went to the Rebuilding Center hoping to find some materials we could use for baseboards. It was disheartening to look through the warehouse, and see only piles of junk stacked up against the walls, old cracked planks thick with chipped or peeling paint, nothing that one could imagine to be useable... Finally, we located some beat-up siding, and figured out that it could work out...despite the $30 cost (now, I know, that's a minimal charge when it comes to construction materials, but it was in pretty bad shape).

Once home, Gary braved the cold to install the makeshift baseboards in the studio. The look is now genuinely shabby chic!

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